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January 27, 2020 12:17
Skin and Beauty Benefits of Ice Cubes

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The ice cubes not only help you in adding it to a drink and letting it cool you but it also acts as a cooling agent for your skin. Tie up the chemical products and dump them in a trash as the natural ingredient from your freezer does it all!

The benefits of rubbing ice over your skin starts from making you feel fresh to reducing your acne, help your skin glow to make it stay healthy, cleans up your pores to helps your makeup stay longer and the list goes on and on.

Here listed below are few of the amazing benefits of ice :

1.Helps your skin glow:

A radiant and a glowing skin is something every individual wishes for and a massage on your face with an ice cube can help in achieving it. Rubbing ice all over your face helps in increasing the circulation of blood to your face. The ice constricts the blood vessels as a result of which the skin will get to receive lower amount of blood and in order to balance this, excess amount of blood will then get circulated which in turn makes the skin look radiant and lively.

2.Reduces dark circles:

The struggle you go through with the stubborn dark circles is something that can only be understood by the ones experiencing it. Rubbing an ice over them can get them get lighter gradually a frozen cube of cucumber and rose does it all. All you have to do is mix up cucumber juice with boiled rose water and pour them into an ice tray and set it to freeze. Rub the cube over your dark circles and witness them vanish in days gradually.

3.Turns your foundation look flawless:

Rubbing an ice cube before applying your makeup helps your skin look even more healthier and beautiful. Doing so not only makes your makeup look flawless but also makes your makeup stick to your skin for longs and turns it long- lasting.

4.Helps in reducing wrinkles:

Though aging cannot be controlled and your age cannot be reversed, the only thing you can do is to stops the signs of aging. Icing your skin helps in controlling the wrinkles that makes you look aged. Applying ice all over your face not only reduces the existing wrinkles but also helps in preventing the formation of new ones.

5.Helps in softening your lips:

Applying ice on your lips helps in soothing and softening your chapped lips. It also helps in reducing the inflammation and helps in retaining moisture to your lips. Drinking plenty of water and also with the application of ice over your lips helps your lips stay glossy and beautiful.

6.Helps in reducing acne:

Ice cubes helps you in getting rid of the acne as it helps in reducing the inflammation and also controls the excess oil that your skin might be producing as excess oily skin also leads to formation of acne. The application of ice cubes also works wonders as it helps in curing the swellings and the spots that are caused due to acne.

7.Puffiness under eyes:

The puffy eyes which are also called as eye bags which are formed due to increase in your age or due to tiredness as a result of which the eyes get swollen. Rubbing an ice cube from the inner corner of your eyes to the end of the eyebrows will help you in reducing the swelling or the puffiness around the eye and your eyes will get back in shape.

8.Acts as a remedy for heat rashes:

The rashes that are caused due to heat tend to be unbearable but a simple trick would instantly soothe your rash and reduce the burn that you have been experiencing due to the heat burn. Wrap the ice cubes in a cotton towel or a cloth and apply onto the affected area. This helps you in providing instant relief from the inflammation that is caused and also heals the heat rashes.

9.Reduces the inflammation caused by tweezing:

Tweezing your eyebrows is essential for most of the women and the pain caused during the process is something one can’t deny. However, you do not have to worry about the pain and the inflammation that is caused during the process when you have an ice cube because rubbing an ice cube over and around the eyebrow in order to give it a partial numbing effect will help in reducing the pain and the inflammation that is caused.

10.Reduces eye- strain:

Rubbing ice cube over your eyes helps in relieving the strain that has been caused after a hectic day at work staring at the screen of your computer. Ice cubes help in soothing your eyes and helps you in feeling relaxed after a tiresome day.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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