A Plant in your Office can Help in Preventing Sick Days, says ExpertsHot Buzz

December 27, 2019 12:47
A Plant in your Office can Help in Preventing Sick Days, says Experts

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Researchers have found that filling your work place with plants can reduce stress levels and can help in preventing sick days.

The health gets affected as there is poor ventilation and from the chemicals that have been used in the office furniture and the condition can get better when you have a plant at your work desk for simple reasons that greenery purifies the air of the toxic chemicals.

Eddie van Etten and Pierre Horwitz wrote for The Conversation that, “one excellent way to combat both sick days and stress is by filling your office with plants.” They added that by doing so, the harmful substances present in the air can get cleared for healthy breathing the harmful substances that can be found in some furnishings at the office which includes formaldehyde, benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene and ammonia from the cleaning products.

Etten and Horwitz say that the bacteria associated with plants could actually be good for you as your office acts like a breeding ground for the bacteria and viruses. They added saying that the bacteria which is beneficial and which is present in the indoor plants and in their soil adds up to the office and stabilizes the ecology of the synthetic environment that the office contains.

They say that the bacteria that is associated with the plants also helps in avoiding the outbreaks of pathogens by which in turn balances the complex network of the ecosystem. The balance in that is maintained may help in reducing the incidents of viral illness simultaneously decreasing the number of sick days among staff.

Plants like areca palm, aloe vera, English ivy, boston fern, peace lily, weeping figs and lady palms can be included as they help in purifying the air.

Introducing more plants to your environment could help in tackling stress says Etten and Horwitz. They explain it saying that studies have proven that green spaces and nature can help in promoting the feelings of calmness and relaxation which in turn brightens your mood.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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