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July 22, 2013 04:56
‘Bejawada’ a film with all the emotions – Director Vivek Krishna


Director of one of the most controversial films of the year titled ‘Bejawada’ Vivek Krishna speaks about the film and all those aspects behind the Camera, catering to ‘Bejawada’ that is scheduled for a release on 1st December that is today. well, there is some more time to let you guys know the review of the film, that is all set to screen in the theaters with huge opening collections. As of now, let’s know the experience of  Vivek Krishna, who is debuting as a director with ‘Bejawada’;

Journey of ‘Bejawada’ from ‘BejawadaRowdylu’

Bezawada-inner3This 1 year long Journey has been full of experiences. Some that could be cherished throughout the life and some that have come across the learning experience. Right from RGV has announced the title, to the first song of the film being put on net to the film started and till the shooting being completed and even on the release date today, there were lot of controversies. Initially, there was a problem that we faced while shooting in Vijayawada, even though major of the people supported us, a mess created by certain set of people, after that these guys had a problem with the title that they started taking personally and went to the extent of legal proceedings to change the title from ‘BejawadaRowdylu’ to ‘Bejawada’. Well, this was most hurting. And even today, many are of the opinion that the film is based on the ‘Rowdysm’ that was much prevailing in Vijayawada that too in 60’s. we tried explaining one and all many times that ‘Bejawada’ is just a story of a guy who has that instinct of fighting against the wrong. ‘Bejawada’ is a story of a guy, who is a good lover, brother, son and a personality who cannot with stand the wrong that could happen to him or to anyone in front of him. It is a story of a common guy with lots of guts in him. It is not like any other story that is based on large amount of ‘faction’ or ‘Rowdysm’. Also, there are many catchy one liners and particularly the dialogues of the film will also be a highlight. You will agree with me once you see the film. As a debut director, I am more than happy making a debut with a film like ‘Bejawada’. Now, this film has to decide my existence in the film Industry or a way back to Kakinada (laughs)…

RGV’s involvement in the direction

Oh! Even I asked him n number of times to give his suggestions and involve in the direction, but he chose to be a producer for this project. It is not just this, right when I went to him with the story of ‘Bejawada’ he liked the concept, confirmed I am doing a film under his banner and went to Bombay. He is not just a successful director but understands the taking and style of another director as well. Another producer of the film, Kiran also has been a very good friend of mine from 13 years. When I and kiran used to meet, we used to discuss how our kind of a film would be. And in ‘Bejawada’ you can see the same.

Choosing Naga Chaitanya for the role

Bezawada-inner1Initially, many opposed the idea of casting Naga Chaitanya for such a powerful role, the reason being, this is the 5th film of him and past films apart from ‘Dhada’ have been a romantic entertainers. But, somehow there was always a instinct me that told me only Naga Chaitanya could do the justice for this role. On top of this, even Chaitu is looking for a action packed yet family entertainer to work with. It did not take much of a time to make Chaitu agree to do the film. Here I have to make one thing clear. Many are comparing the role of Chaitu with that of his father, ‘King’ Nagarjuna’s role in RGV’s directorial ‘Shiva’.  In ‘Shiva’ Nag played a role of a College going guy who becomes tough and fights against the evils in a due course of time. In ‘Bejawada’ Chaitu plays a guy who has an instinct of fighting against the bad right from the first frame of the film. I only say people to come to the theater to watch the film, without any expectations or comparisons. We bet the audience would enjoy watching ‘Bejawada’. I would like to mention a incident over here. We were shooting an action sequence; Naga Chaitanya was supposed to break a glass. He was so very involved in the sequence that with all the force he had broken the glass; the glass broke into pieces and his hand got cut. But, till the time I Okayed the shot, he did not even let us sense he was injured. Chaitu had a deep cut in his palm and we immediately have taken him to the Hospital. Then I have felt, without a dedication towards work no family would sustain from past 70 years in the industry and that too in each generation giving a super star to Telugu cinema.

About Amala Paul

Bezawada-inner2I have seen a Tamil film of Amala that made me to take a decision of personally meeting her. I went to the shooting location at Coimbatore and was surprised to see her who is very different from the film I have seen. And in ‘Bejawada’ you would see a different Amala Paul who would be more beautiful, natural in her performance and most important unlike many heroines today, Amala will have a lot to do in the film, not less than the hero and the other roles played by veteran Actors like Prabhu, Kota SrinivasRao, ‘Subhaleka’ Sudhakar, Ajay and others in the film.

Other aspects of the film

The Camera work is the highlight of the film. We have shot certain sequences in Digital Camera and some other sequences in the regular film Camera, based on the importance of the sequences. But, the audience cannot see any difference and find out the same while watching the film. Another asset of the film is the back ground score and the Music that caters to all jorners of the audience. There are close to Six music directors who have worked on the Music and RR of the film. I must agree that I have only done 50 percent of my job in shaping up the film, the remaining 50 percent was done by the Music directors and stunt masters of the film. We have catered each type of stunt to each master, and even this makes the film to move ahead. In short, ‘Bejawada’ is a complete team work.

About 2012 resolution

Well, 2011 of my year has been filled with ‘Bejawada’, and 2012 will be based on how people would receive this film. As of now, just waiting to receive the first response of the film.

Andhrawishesh team wishes all the very best to director Vivek Krishna and aims ‘Bejawada’ should be a success, after all there is a lot of hard work and dedication involved in making this flick!

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