NeelimaTirumalashetty talks about ‘Panja’kollywood Star Interviews

July 22, 2013 04:56
NeelimaTirumalashetty talks about ‘Panja’

Her admiration and desire to produce a film with Power Star PawanKalyan, made her turn a Producer and she is today a part of one of the prestigious and stylish film of the year, Power Star ‘Panja’. Andhrawishesh talks to NeelimaTirumalashetty, one of the Producer of the film, who shares her experience about ‘Panja’…

First film as a Producer?

I have been a diehard fan of Power Star PawanKalyan, since many years and this admiration of mine towards him, made me think to produce a film with him. And in this process, I have joined hands with my co – producer ShobuYarlagadda. Now, getting Pawan agree to do a film requires lot of challenge as Pawan always looks to act in a film, that is given a different treatment. When we met Pawan and let out our interest in making a film with him, he suggested Director Vishnu Vardhan’s name. it seems Director S.J. Suriya has suggested Vishnuvardhan’s name to Pawan, post the release of ‘Puli’. We then me Vishnu Vardhan, Vishnu has come up with a story line of which the screenplay was amazing, it did not take much of a time for Pawan to agree to the script, we finalized all other star cast and that’s how, ‘Panja’ we on location.

Working with PawanKalyan

Before meeting Pawan, I have heard a lot about him, both on the positive and the negative as well. But, once I met him, started working with him, then I have understood how amazing personality he his. Despite of being one of the Big Heroes, Pawan does not have that star dome getting into his mind. He is a very down to earth person, a bit reserved, extremely professional, punctual to work, a perfect co – star, has got in depth knowledge about each and every minute aspect of film and film making but gives that required space to the director and other technicians. I am happy to have produced a film with Power star as I got the opportunity to know him better, as a person. And I would like to urge all others one thing here, be it a celeb or a common man, never comment on anyone unless and until you know and observed them for a while.

About Vishnu Vardhan

Panjaa-Producer2I would say he is a Director with amazing clarity of what he was doing and why it is necessary for that sequence or shot to fit in the film. Vishnu Vardhan is one amongst those few directors who comes prepared to the shoot. Many times, when Vishnu used to explain a sequence to Pawan, Pawan used to in turn ask Vishnu, ‘why is this shot coming here/this expression is necessary?’ and every time Vishnu used to come up with his explanation, Pawan used to get convinced with the same. in fact, Vishnu is a Director with guts, who was confident about the success of the film, right from the first day of the shoot to Audio release and even a day prior of the release of the film. he even made it a point to let everyone know his story line appears to be routine but the screenplay and the sequences in the film, also the characterizations make the film look outstanding. And this is what happening today. peopleare comparing the story with some of the earlier films of Pawan, but at the same time are convinced watching the film.

Music of the film

Yuvan Shankar Raja has given amazing music and Back Ground scores for the film. The title track, ‘ElaEla’ and ‘Paaparaayudu’ and ‘Veyraa’ received lot of acclaim. And more than 3 songs being successful in an album is a very positive sign. Till date, apart from the ‘Panja’ title track, one such song that is receiving major hits in You tube and in the film as well, is ‘ElaEla’, that happens to be one of my most favorite tracks in the film as well. 20 days prior to the Audio release of the film, Yuvan’s mother passed away from this World, even then this musician has got such an immense amount of dedication to sit down and complete all the tunes within the given time. I myself have learnt a lot with all these technicians.

Moreover, another big round of applause to Vishnu and the Cinematographer Vinod, who portrayed, every song sequence, every frame with a style and this made ‘Panja’ a stylish film.


Panja’ is a stylish film, a film that showcases a Journey of a Man who is in search of love from past 20 years and the situations around him. in this scenario, keeping the characterization in mind Vishnu wanted the dialogues to be stylish yet powerful and most important thoughtful and very much with the film. Good for us, we found Abburi Ravi, who has given amazing dialogues for the film. One of such line given by Ravi was screened at the starting of the film. And Power Star’s style of dialogue telling being an added advantage, everyone are remembering the dialogues even after they are out of the film.

Other characters

One of the important roles in the film, apart from Power Star is that of ‘Munna’ played by Adivi SHESH. Shesh and we met through a common friend of us and after seeing his ‘Karma’ our director has decided to cast him in the film. How important his role is in the film, you need to watch the film to know. The director has taken a special care in the dialogues of Shesh in the film and since he plays the America returned guy, Vishnu was very particular with Shesh letting out his dialogues. We have another major role in the film, played by Jackie Shroff. All other artists, Anjali Lavaniya, TenekellaBharani, AtulKulkarni, Jhansi, SubbaRaju and of course Ali and Bramhanandam added the success to the film. Also, our decision to choose Sarah Jane for ‘Sandhya’s role proved right as she got into the skin of the role and given her best performance.

In short, Power Star’s ‘Panja’ is a perfect package that would not disappoint the Power Star fans. Just come to the film, keeping all your thoughts aside.

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