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August 29, 2013 07:37
High-five for your fertility},{High-five for your fertility

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Gone are the days when infertility was primarily associated to women. Things have changes for the 21st century men now, with sperm count dropping by a whopping 50 per cent in the previous decade. With more and more case of infertility cropping up, blame it on our sedentary lifestyle and stress, concerns on fertility have soared. A little changes into your lifestyle and diet can leave you with fruitful results, however. So dump the TV remote, and head to the nearby grocery store to pile your carts with these five fertility boosting foods that will leave you high and green. Read on for more.

Fresh fruits
Give your fertility a kick by gorging on yummy, juicy, fresh fruits. Apparently, fruits not only pack in all the goodness of nature, but many vital ingredients too that nourishes your body and increases sperm count. So if you wish to be a proud papa soon, then don't forget to polish off two portions of fruits like sweetlime, oranges, tangerines, mangoes or lemons everyday.

We know it stinks bad! But then, you don't have to pop them raw to get the maximum gains. This little white aphrodisiac in a pod boosts blood circulation, keeping you active and on the go always. Just go generous on them in your stir-fries and curries and see the magic unfold!

Go nutty with nuts! Pile up your plates with loads of almonds and walnuts every morning. Snacking on nuts won't just keep hunger pangs away and boost your health, but they also contain high doses of Vitamin E that is believed to boost female sex drive and protect embryos from miscarriages. Need any more reasons?

Don't trash potatoes as useless carbs. This starchy, delectable crop are storehouses of Vitamin B and E that not only enhances cell multiplication, but also ensures that healthy ova is produced.

These hard-shelled powerhouse of nutrition picks up fertility. Besides containing huge proportion of Vitamin B12 and folate that is known to minimize birth defects,it’s rich in antioxidants and cartenoids that boosts overall women fertility.

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