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September 16, 2013 11:52
Work stress blamed on decreasing sperm motility},{Work stress blamed on decreasing sperm motility

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The term 'professional hazards' has taken on a new meaning in the present day. Now, hazards at work involves back pains, neck aches, headaches and other such ailments that arise from sitting still for too long.

However, that's not all. According to researchers, there is an even bigger menace that software jobs are perpetrating, and that happens to be hitting where it hurts the most. Yes, irregular timings and overburdened targets are actually responsible for decreasing a man's ability to father a child.

As per findings, working long hours, reduced activity and continual attention to laptops is blamed for bringing down a male's sperm motility and a female's egg production. This has directly resulted in more and more couples taking to fertility clinics to conceive.

Of course, the menace of not having quality time for spouse and the need to take work home over the weekends has been playing a big role too. There is no time or energy to indulge in sweet nothings, therefore putting a dampener on couples' love life. Needless to say, software professionals comprise a high percentage of customers rushing to fertility clinics.

Late marriages, after the age of 30, has also been highlighted as a culprit for the lack of healthy fertility levels among the software crowd. Plans to have children only after establishing a certain income has pushed the average age of conception to over 30, which is a time that poses several risks to pregnancy.

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