Ugadi 2019: Know the Significance and Health Benefits of Ugadi PachadiHealthy Living

March 27, 2019 08:54
Ugadi 2019: Know the Significance and Health Benefits of Ugadi Pachadi

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Ugadi, which marks the beginning of a New Hindu lunar calender, is falling on April 6 this year. The Indian festival is also the first day when there is a change in the pattern of the moon's orbit.

Besides, one of the main items prepared during the festival is Uagadi pachadi or Bevu Bella in Kannada, a paste made from jaggery, neem buds, tamarind juice and raw mango.

Ugadi pachadi importance lies in the fact that it is a combination of the six basic ingredients, jaggery, tamarind, neem, mango, chilli and salt that reflect the various emotions of life, such as happiness, disgust, bitterness, surprise, anger and fear respectively.

Health benefits of Ugadi Pachadi


Neem contains a good deal of medicinal properties. It helps to treat various skin infections, malaria, viral fever and diabetes. Furtheir it also kills intestinal parasites.

When neem is consumed with tamarind and raw mango, it increases the immunity of the body and prepares it to fight against infections.

Raw Mango

Raw mango provides relief from acidity and chest burn. It increases the secretion of bile and cleans the intestine of bacterial infections and as well improves the elasticity of blood vessels and helps in the formation of new blood vessels.


Jaggery detoxifies the liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. It is loaded with anti oxidants selenium and zinc, which prevents the free radical damage and increases the immunity of the body against infections.


Tamarind helps in digestion and eases the stomach from discomfort. It reduces inflammation throughout the body, improves skin condition and lowers cholesterol.

By Sowmya Sangam

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