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March 31, 2020 13:57
How to set morning routines for a more productive day?

Morning routines are boring.

There, I said it. But, they are also the only way to make your day more productive. As boring as they sound, morning routines are the ones that bring along structure to your entire day. Lack of this will eventually either make you lazy or end up making your work process slow and unproductive. This is something every single one of us experience.

But, how do you set a morning routine that actually makes you productive. This is one of those factors that many people tend to fail at. If your morning routine isn’t structured enough, it is likely that you will fail to convert that into a proper productive day. Let me tell you about a few tips that work.

Set an intent

It is likely that you might have come across a number of morning routine posts and tips. While many of them talk about hydration and lemon water in the morning, it is likely that they have written the post based off of their needs and requirements. It might be quite possible that drinking water in the morning can be a complete offset for you the whole day.

Before setting up a morning routine, it is extremely important that you do focus on the intent behind the morning routine. You need to ensure that you do focus on having intent behind your morning routine. If you randomly throw things together, it is likely not going to work out.

List out the distractions

One of the worst things that derail your morning routine is the constant range of distractions that we are faced with. It is likely that you will need everything in your life to ensure the best for smooth sailing of the routine. This is the reason why writing down the distractions can help keep things in the right place. This helps you get a better perspective of things as well.

The best thing about this is that it helps prevent you from getting out of your routine and getting things done on time. You can even list out individual time slots in your routine for these distractions and then get them done accordingly.

Don’t hit the snooze button

Majority of us have a habit of hitting the snooze button when we are trying to wake up in the morning. Researchers have found that the same is the absolute worst that you can do for yourself and your body. Hitting the snooze button reinforces your body to get into another sleep cycle, which is possibly the very last thing that you want to experience at that point.

Hitting the snooze button also tends to impact your sleeping schedule and makes you wake up even more tired and irritated than what you normally would. This is one of the reasons why we would suggest that you prevent hitting the snooze button and include that in your morning routine as well.

Step out of the house

If you really want your day to be productive and your body to be energised throughout the day, it is extremely important that you step out of your house in the morning in the sunlight. Soaking in the Vitamin D is essential to turn your biological clock and reset it. This also helps drive out the unnecessary tiredness that you might have been experiencing. It is always best to open up the curtains in your home during the morning after you wake up.

Vitamin D from the sunlight is very important for your body functions and to keep you alert through the day.

Focus on your food

If you want your morning routine to be effective enough in boosting your productivity through the day, it is extremely important that you eat your breakfast. Eating a filling and nutritious breakfast is extremely important, especially when you have a long day ahead of you. This helps keep your hunger pangs in check, keep your energy levels sustained and makes you feel good about the day.

If you are someone who tends to skip out on their breakfast, we would suggest that you reevaluate things right this moment without further questions.

Be consistent

Morning routines are likely going to change every day based on your priorities and your needs for that day and that is okay. But, if you want to churn out productivity from your morning routine, it is extremely important to ensure that you maintain proper consistency throughout. This is absolutely something you can’t miss out on. If you want to turn this into a habit, you need to be consistent with it.

This is one of the necessities with a morning routine. Productivity is only achieved when you are dedicated to doing it. Don’t do things in a haphazard way. This is where things go wrong. If you want the best results and productivity from your morning routine, we would suggest that you follow these tips we have mentioned.

By Somapika Dutta

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