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June 15, 2020 08:28
How to Survive A Monkey Attack - Handle It Without Panicking!

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It is quite a challenge to come across a furious monkey when you are already scared and, in a mood, to have fun and can see nothing but a possibility that the monkey might pounce and attack you. Wondering what would you do if such a situation arises or if you’ve already been there?

The only option you have is that of staying calm and planning on saving yourself from the monkey without bothering it. Here is an article of how to prevent and survive if a monkey attacks you. Seeing an angry monkey can make you anxious but it is not dangerous if you act brave and defeat the fear with by taking the necessary steps.

Here is everything you need to know!

Ways to Prevent A Monkey Attack

Here are a few necessary ways to prevent a monkey attack. Take a look!

No 1 - If you are aware of visiting a place that has many monkeys. Keep in mind to dress correctly. Avoid wearing jewelry, piercings and bling dresses. Besides, don’t leave your hair loose, remove your glasses and don’t carry a backpack with food.

No 2 – Even if you are an animal lover, don’t get close to the monkey. Yes, you can make the monkey understand that you are a friendly person and not dangerous but the monkey will understand that eventually. Keep in mind that monkeys are wild and unpredictable.

No 3 – Monkeys can smell food even if it is packed well. Voluntarily avoid feeding monkeys. Say suppose, you feed one monkey and when others come if you refuse to feed them, they might get aggressive and attack you. Thus, do your best to keep food away from the monkey.

No 4 – Avoid looking into the eyes of a monkey, don’t smile or show them aggression. It would provoke and force a monkey to react.

No 5 – Be careful while capturing pictures. If a monkey sees their own reflection through a camera, they might get agitated and react. To avoid this, always take pictures in places where monkeys are not around.

Risk of A Monkey Bite

There are chances of getting a bacterial infection or rabbies infection if a monkey bites you. Don’t take it easy.

Ways to Survive A Monkey Attack?

Once you have taken enough precautions from your end, take a look at ways to protect yourself and manage if a monkey is about to attack or has already attacked you.  

No 1 –Don’t ignore a monkey’s body language, pay complete attention. You will understand that a monkey is in aggression when it smiles, yawns or shows its teeth. You will be able to see the anger on its face.

No 2 – Don’t give direct eye contact if a monkey shows aggression. Try and slowly step back. At any cost, avoid running or showing fear as the monkey can sense it and if you do so, the monkey will get a sign that you are a subordinate to it.

No 3 – Mostly monkeys attack when they think you have food. if you show the monkey your empty palms, there are higher chances for it to calm down. Whenever you see a monkey coming towards you, show it your palms and stay silent.

No 4 - Don’t yell when you see a monkey coming towards you, control your fear.

No 5 – Never try to defeat or attack the monkey. It is not safe. By not reacting and staying calm, the monkey will go away.

No 6 – Monkeys don’t pay attention for long. If it has grabbed something from your hand, allow the monkey to snatch it away. After a while, the monkey itself will drop what it has caught hold of. If you try grabbing back what it has taken, it will definitely attack you.

No 7 - If a monkey bites you, don’t take it easy. Even if there is a small scratch on your hand, it can carry bacterial infection and cause troubles. Whenever a monkey bites you. Do the following!

(i)Move to a safe place

(ii)Clean all the germs with clean water to let the germs disappear

(iii)Immediately meet a doctor

(iv)Take the antibiotics and injection that the doctor suggests

Take Away

Don’t let fear take over you, you fight it back. The best way to survive a monkey attack or its aggression is by accepting your fear. If you sense that a monkey is going to attack you, stay calm, avoid giving it an eye contact, show your empty palms and slowly try to move out of that place.

By Neha Makhija

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