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January 06, 2015 08:44
Healthy mind for healthy babies},{Healthy mind for healthy babies

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Every mother and every father wants to look after their babies (kids) effectively irrespective of financial hurdles. Mother and father are crucial for healthy children, right from mating (sexual intercourse) to adultery of the children. Here it might be wonderful to see the stage of mating, but the recent studies completely supported this context. Participating in mating with healthy mind and environment gives mentally strong babies.

It is ever known that peaceful mind during the pregnancy (gestation period) certainly helps the babies in the mother womb a lot. Diet and climate will show effect on both mother (carrying female woman) and child (in the womb). When mother is happy with all the things around her, definitely the baby also feels the same.

During lactation also mothers need healthy food along with the healthy environment. Healthy environment may encourage mother to feed the baby well, look after well and also helps baby to watch pleasant world. While lactating (or feeding the baby) mothers should remember happy and smiling moments but not the sad and irritating feelings.

Pleasant environment for mothers and children can show greater impact on the baby growth (both mental and physical). However during this stage all the people around the baby must show interest on baby feeding, health, playing and what not?

Toddlers need to learn the basic foundation of speaking, running, and good habits from this stage only both the parents should focus on the baby’s growth for the better future of the kid.
School going children should also make friends outside the family environment to learn new things; parents should leave (up to certain extent) children to learn. During the higher school level also parents must act like a watch dog to monitor all the activities of the children to avoid unnecessary and illegal activities. In these modern days youth are addicting towards drugs, romance and smart phones (technological gadgets).

Here by we can say that healthy, pleasant, cool mind of parents (especially mother) will help the children a lot to mingle with the harmonious world.

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