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July 14, 2015 08:33

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Your baby began falling in love with you even before he was born. He felt your love while you rubbed your belly and became familiar with your voice and heartbeat. Shortly after his birth, your baby turns towards you hearing your voice. He calms down as you hold him against your chest, as he identifies your heart beat. Your day-to-day interactions help to build the relationship between you both. While you take care of your baby, he falls more in love each day. This is not just cute it is sign of the deep attachment that is growing between you. In many ways your baby conveys you that he loves you back. The way he behaves tells you “I love you mummy”. Discover the signs, which will tell you that your baby loves you as you do.

Eye contact

When your baby gazes deep into your eyes, it is a sign that he is getting attracted to you and trying to know you much better.

Turns towards you

Even before birth, your voice is a comfortable and soothing sound for your baby. That is why even very young baby try to turn towards you, when he hears you. After all it is a very familiar sound.

Opens mouth

Several research studies have revealed that babies can identify their mothers by smell alone. Your smell is comforting to your baby and thus, he makes more mouthing motions when held closer.

Melts in your arms

The ultimate compliment is that your baby relaxes in your arms when you hold him. Even if your baby does not calm down immediately after you hold him, that does not mean he hates you. It just means that you have not yet figured out what his needs are.


Somewhere between six weeks and three months, your baby will begin to look at you and smile. Doctors call it a ‘social smile’. Keep the fun going by smiling back to him. Smile back to your baby as he smiles back, this way you are building your relation smile by smile.

Cooing and babbling

Your baby will start chatting with you shortly after he begins ‘social smile’. By cooing and babbling he’s showing just how much he loves you.


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