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July 27, 2015 09:52

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Some kids love handwriting while few hate it. However, handwriting is definitely a difficult skill and requires huge practice. At times, kids with low handwriting skills may lack confidence. But, you can surely make a difference and boost your child’s self-confidence by improving handwriting at home. Here are five simple tips that aid you to improve your child’s handwriting skills.

Make Practicing Fun - improve handwriting

The key lies in making practice fun. Offer a special pencil or colored pencil to your child. Don’t simply give words to write. Try out some word puzzles, anagrams, or themes. Ask to write words around a theme and give a purpose to practice. This will also help the kid in improving his thinking skills.

Fine motor and shoulder exercises - improve handwriting

Develop physical requirements for writing. Try fine motor activities for younger kids and a regular mini-exercise program for older kids will help. These exercises will definitely help in strengthening and stabilizing their shoulder muscles and eventually, the hand muscles will free up. Try these exercises as a break, if your child gets easily tired or distracted while writing.

Encourage drawing and puzzle games - improve handwriting

Drawing or puzzle games greatly help in developing physical and mental requirements for writing. Your child will be able to develop skills such as taking a perfect posture, control, holding the pencil right and others.

Point out the problem - improve handwriting

Find out the major handwriting problem of your kid and focus more on it. The problems usually include, letter formation, sizing, line alignment and spacing between words. Focus on the concepts that are challenging her.

Try good grip - improve handwriting

If your child seems to struggle with a pencil, try out a small, kid-sized pencil. This will greatly help. Instead of sticking to a pattern, let your child try different grips. Outcome could be amazing in any of the grips that your child feels comfortable. Also make sure that your child uses two hands to control the paper or book.


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