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June 19, 2024 07:35
Parents should be strict about these Things

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It is always good to be friends with children, to know and understand their point of view. However, as a parenting rule, it is not always a good idea to give children free rein at all times. This occurs when the child's demands are unreasonable and not in his or her best interests. Even if you are a permissive parent, you need to set a boundary with your child's behavior. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind and follow strictly:

1. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule: Healthy sleep schedule is important for everyone, both children and adults. It is very important for parents to constantly monitor their child's sleep habits and ensure that their child gets the amount of sleep he or she needs every day. Adequate sleep ensures a healthy mind and helps you stay active throughout the day. Going to bed and getting up on time is a routine that should be followed even on weekends.

2. They do their homework on time: Learning is important and putting what you learn in school into practice is just as important. Make sure your child completes his homework on time. This doesn't mean that your child will be glued to the book as soon as they get home. Take a break, eat lunch, and then do your homework. This will help children in the future as they learn to be more organized and organized and complete tasks on time.

3. Practice healthy habits: To stay healthy, it is important to follow healthy habits. Make sure your baby eats healthy and fresh food and constantly avoid junk or junk food. In addition to a healthy diet, oral hygiene is also important. Brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your hands before and after eating, and keeping your nails clean are some of the healthy habits children should maintain.

4. Understanding of their responsibilities: Children, with or without their parents, must have a proper understanding of their responsibilities. Things like keeping things in their proper place, caring and respecting elders and younger, and caring for pets should not be taught to children.

5. You recognize the right behavior: Good manners, self-conduct and the respect that he shows to others are important character traits. These personality traits can only be taught and developed in a child if parents introduce them to the child at the right time. Sometimes small mistakes can be overlooked, but if you know your child has said something inappropriate or rude to someone, it is not your job to correct your child. Your actions have potential. You can shape your child's future by teaching him respect for all living things.

6. Pay attention to appropriate and related things: Taking a break from reading or playing games, watching TV or surfing the Internet is also important to help the child relax. However, be sure to pay attention to what your child sees, especially if he or she is a teenager. Allow your children to surf the Internet under your supervision and set parental controls on TV channels that you think do not show child-friendly content. Check whether your child is talking to strangers or sharing personal information with them. But be careful not to become a helicopter parent.

7. Hang out with the right people: While you shouldn't interfere too much in your child's life or interfere with their friendships, it's important to be careful about who your child spends time with. You should always pay attention to your colleagues and friends. Invite your friends to your home and find out more about their origins and family. If you notice that your child is not in the right company, be sure to talk to him and make it clear to him that this person's company may not be right for him.

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