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How to Fix a Sexless Marriage June 08, 2019 11:51

A study by the University of Toronto found that sex once a week leads to a more intimate and loving marriage. However, any less than once a week or so led to a significant decline…

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6 Things women must learn from men July 11, 2013 07:55

Undoubtedly, man and women make two sides of the same coin as they are perfect complements to each other. Yet both sexes are uniquely different. However, there must be a thing or two that one…

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List down fantasies, positions for better Love & Relation...! July 11, 2013 07:55

Here's a quick list of five switches to turn on so the darkness in your bedroom gets dispelled It could be the long hours he and she spend at work. Or the stresses of city…

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Women too cheat for LOVE... July 11, 2013 07:55

Fidelity is a tough promise to keep. So whenever a woman has dared to stray from her relationship, she's done it for love. But now the trend is changing. Like men, even women are craving…

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'Love Addict' alert! July 11, 2013 07:55

Do you also fall in this category? Read on to find out... With so many cases coming in the limelight about sex addicts, one surely needs to know and understand when a person falls into…

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