5 Ways to Make Your Already Happy Marriage HappierLove Tips and Tricks

August 20, 2018 09:37
5 Ways to Make Your Already Happy Marriage Happier

Marriages are hard, aren’t they? Even just the thought of dedicating one’s entire life to a single person can be a bit daunting at first. While some people make it work through their marriage, some tend to fail to do so and it is okay in both the cases.

Much like any other thing, even the “honeymoon” phase in the marriages has their shelf life. You are lucky if the love blossoms naturally but sometimes if it doesn’t; making a little effort in the relationship can make all the difference.

In this article, we are going to touch down on the top 5 tips to help with making your marriage and partner happier.

Let your partner know you appreciate them

If you didn’t know any better, it has been shown in a study that half the population of married men tends to indulge in affairs because of the lack of emotional attachment with their partners. While marriages can be draining, letting your partner know that you appreciate them shouldn’t be. And if you are here thinking that everything revolved around physical intimacy, it doesn’t always. The show of appreciation sometimes lies in the simplest of gestures – a quick breakfast in bed with a kiss in the morning is sometimes more than enough to do the magic.

Honesty is the best policy

Being honest in a relationship is important, whatever the situation is or how hard it is to be, it is necessary to be transparent in a marriage if you want to make the marriage work. Even if you feel like you have done something that you shouldn’t have, come clean to your partner. Your partner knowing it from someone else is something that makes the situation even worse than it has to be.

Have a life of your own

Outlets in marriages are necessary. If you are completely dependent on your partner for every single aspect, there are chances that your marriage is going to fall in shambles faster than you even end up realizing. Blind dependency on your partner can often make the relationship very toxic which is why it is necessary to have a life for yourself outside the realm of your marriage.

Cook something special

Food never disappoints. This is that one thing that surely does leave behind an impact in a marriage. Taking the effort to actually cook something for your partner and especially a dish that they love and relish can be an amazing way to show your partner how special they are to you. It’s not always about expensive gifts, rather the thoughtful ones.

Watch what you say

Arguments and disagreements are part of a relationship. Quite often than not you are going to end up fighting about the most trivial things. These are the times that you need to watch what you say. We can often end up saying things that we don’t mean but end up saying with the intention of hurting the other person. Put a stop to it and distance yourself from the situation.

Marriages are not about grand gestures, they are about the thoughtful ones. Appreciate your partner and let them know that from time to time throughout your marriage.

-Somapika Dutta

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