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  • Dr Monisha Ghosh, Federal Communications Commission, indian american appointed 1st woman chief technology officer at fcc, 5g spectrum

    Indian-American Appointed 1st Woman Chief Technology Officer at FCC 2019-12-23 06:09:40

    Dr Monisha Ghosh, an Indian-American has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer at the Federal Communications Commission which is the most powerful in US government. She replaced Dr Eric Burger.Ghosh will be advising the Indian-American Chairman of the FCC Ajit...

    Keywords: Dr Monisha Ghosh, Federal Communications Commission, US communications commission, US communications commission

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    5G Spectrum amount, 5G Spectrum prices, 5g spectrum auction expected to touch rs 4 3 lakh crores, 5g spectrum

    5G Spectrum Auction Expected to Touch Rs 4.3 Lakh Crores 2022-07-26 10:47:18

    The government of India decided to roll out 5G and the auction for the spectrum that takes the internet data and the telephone signals to the next level in the country. The total offer is expected to touch Rs 4.3...

    Keywords: 5G Spectrum Auction, 5G Spectrum amount, 5G Spectrum news, 5G Spectrum launch

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    donald trump, anti-fascists, us to designate antifa as terrorist organisation donald trump, 5g spectrum

    ‘US to designate Antifa as terrorist organisation’: Donald Trump 2020-06-01 06:37:21

    Despite the concerns raised by the legal experts, President Donald Trump has reported on Sunday that US would be designating Antifa as “terrorist organisation”. The legal experts have reported that the President doesn’t hold such authority and it is questionable...

    Keywords: antifa, anti-fascists, protests, anti-fascists

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    Cartosat-3, Cartosat-3, cartosat 3 13 nanosatellites to be launched on november 25th from us, 5g spectrum

    Cartosat-3,13 Nanosatellites To Be Launched On November 25th From US 2019-11-19 06:29:35

    The Indian space agency said, on November 25th satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 commercial nanosatellites will be launched from the US in the sun-synchronous orbit.The ISRO is all prepared to launch three satellites, one on November 25th and two others in December.Uses Of Cartosat-3This is...

    Keywords: Satellite Launch, 13 Nanosatellites, Cartosat-3, Satellite Launch

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    telecom, technology, reliance jio develops its own 5g technology aims to share it globally, 5g spectrum

    Reliance Jio develops its own 5G technology, aims to share it globally 2020-07-16 06:11:05

    Mukesh Ambani said Jio had developed its own 5G technology and plans to offer its technology to other telecom companies. In a move that comes as a pit against the likes of Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung, Reliance Jio becomes the...

    Keywords: technology, China, Huawei, telecom

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    Hyderabad House, Narendra Modi, highlights on day 2 of the us president trump visit to india, 5g spectrum

    Highlights on Day 2 of the US President Trump Visit to India 2020-02-25 13:21:32

    The Prime Minister of India and Narendra Modi and the US President Donald Trump has held extensive talks over various sectors and topics which had covered the entire spectrum of the bilateral ties which comprised of the key areas of...

    Keywords: Hyderabad House, Donald Trump, Hyderabad House, Raj Ghat

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