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  • ISRO-Human Mission, Narendra Modi - Human Mission, first indian will land on moon by 2040 narendra modi, Chandrayaan 3

    First Indian Will Land On Moon By 2040: Narendra Modi 2023-10-18 07:38:48

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set an ambitious goal for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He said India will establish an Indian Space Station by 2035 and will send the first Indian to the Moon by 2040. Narendra Modi...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi - Human Mission, Pawan Kumar Chandana, co-founder of Skyroot Aerospace, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

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    Pragyan and Vikram payloads, RAMBHA-LP payloads, vikram lander goes to sleep mode, Chandrayaan 3

    Vikram Lander Goes To Sleep Mode 2023-09-05 06:16:49

    Vikram Lander on Monday once again had a soft landing on the Moon and went to sleep mode. Now the payloads have been switched off and will come to active mode on September 22nd. The samples will be brought back...

    Keywords: Battery of Lander, Pragyan Rover, Chandrayaan 3 in sleep mode, Chandrayaan 3 in sleep mode

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    chandrayaan 3 news, chandrayaan 3, pragyan has rolled out to start its work, Chandrayaan 3

    Pragyan has rolled out to start its work 2023-08-25 18:27:52

    On Thursday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced that Chandrayaan 3 is running well and all the systems are working normally. Vikram Lander and Pragyan rover will start studying the moon's mineral composition and atmospheric activities. Pragyan rover is...

    Keywords: vikram lander, India moon mission, chandrayaan 3 news, chandrayaan 3

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    Adipurush trolled, Adipurush Vs Chandrayaan 3 updates, adipurush badly trolled by comparison with chandrayaan 3, Chandrayaan 3

    Adipurush badly trolled by comparison with Chandrayaan 3 2023-08-25 17:56:12

    After the success of Chandrayaan 3, Prabhas starrer Adipurush is being badly trolled again. Adipurush ended up as a disaster at the box office. It was trolled badly after the release over the VFX work, dialogues and budget. Now after...

    Keywords: Chandrayaan 3, Adipurush closing numbers, Adipurush budget, Adipurush trolled

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    India solar study, PSLV Aditya L1, after chandrayaan 3 india plans for sun mission, Chandrayaan 3

    After Chandrayaan 3, India plans for Sun Mission 2023-08-26 07:53:12

    After India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan 3 succeeded, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning for another historic mission. ISRO might launch the Aditya L1 - India’s first space observatory for solar research in the first week of September. ISRO chairman...

    Keywords: Aditya L 1 launch date, Chandrayaan 3, PSLV, PSLV Aditya L1

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    G20 updates, rail and shipping corridor linking India and the Middle east, joe biden to unveil rail shipping corridor, Chandrayaan 3

    Joe Biden To Unveil Rail & Shipping Corridor 2023-09-09 11:23:31

    US President Joe Biden arrived in India on the 8th of September for the G20 summit. This is the first visit of Joe Biden to India. Biden after reaching India headed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence for bilateral talks....

    Keywords: G 20- Joe Biden, G 20- Joe Biden, USA president Joe Biden India Visit, US India relation

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