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  • Reliance Industries for MG, MG and Reliance Industries breaking news, reliance in plans to buy the auto giant mg, China

    Reliance In Plans To Buy The Auto Giant MG 2023-05-13 06:01:34

    MG Motor India is in advanced discussions with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, Hero Group, Premji Invest and JSW Group to dilute their major stake in India's car business. MG is planning to close the deal by the end of this...

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    Narendra Modi foreign tour, Narendra Modi updates, narendra modi lands in papua guinea, China

    Narendra Modi Lands In Papua Guinea 2023-05-22 10:44:41

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi met British counterpart Rishi Sunak on Sunday in Japan and discussed the free trade agreement and negotiations. They met in Hiroshima at the G-7 summit and discussed a wide range of aspects. Narendra Modi also met...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi latest, Narendra Modi latest, Narendra Modi news, Narendra Modi foreign tour

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    India, Indian Population highest, india is now the world s most populous nation, China

    India is now the World's Most Populous Nation 2023-04-19 14:24:24

    According to the UN data and the latest statistics released on Wednesday, India has overtaken China to become the World’s most populous nation. India stands first with 142.86 crore people. Whereas China with 142.57 crore people turned the second most...

    Keywords: Indian Population breaking news, Indian Population, Indian Population breaking, Indian Population in world

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    Ukraine News, Vladimir Putin, ukraine president zelenskyy warns russia putin, China

    Ukraine President Zelenskyy Warns Russia Putin 2023-03-29 08:11:08

    On Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelenskyy the Ukrainian President in an interview, warned that unless his nation (Ukraine) wins a drawn-out battle in a key eastern city, Russia could begin building international support for a deal that could require Ukraine to make...

    Keywords: Ukraine News, Ukraine President Zelenskyy, Russia troops, Ukraine News

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    India, India Population news, india beats china and emerges as the most populated country, China

    India Beats China and Emerges as the Most Populated Country 2023-01-19 10:46:27

    India surpassed China in the population and it emerged as the world's most populated country of the globe. As per the projection from the World Population Review (WPR), the populaation of India is 141.7 crores by the end of 2022....

    Keywords: India Population latest, India Population breaking news, India Population with China, India Population top

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    COVID New Outbreak in May, COVID New Outbreak, covid new outbreak 65million cases weekly, China

    COVID New Outbreak: 65Million Cases Weekly 2023-05-27 07:40:17

    The USA suspended their health emergency on May 11 and India has lifted their restrictions. Not only this, many countries around the world have started relaxing with rules and scales for testing, and now China is worrying the world again...

    Keywords: COVID New Outbreak breaking news, Covid-19, COVID New Outbreak, COVID New Outbreak

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