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  • Sulawesi cave, 7200 year old human remains, remains of a teenager who died 7200 years found, Teenage

    Remains of a Teenager who died 7200 years Found 2021-08-27 07:46:47

    The remains of a young girl who is aged 17-18 years and died about 7200 years are traced by a team of researchers. The remains are found in a cave in Sulawesi and the person belonged to the Toalean culture...

    Keywords: Toalean culture, Sulawesi cave, 7200 year old human remains latest, 7200 year old human remains updates

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    South Africa Omicron cases, South Africa Coronavirus, south africa reports a 468 rise in new covid cases, Teenage

    South Africa Reports a 468% Rise in New Covid Cases 2021-12-04 09:58:19

    The new variant of coronavirus named Omicron was spotted first in South Africa and the variant is now traced in more than 30 countries of the globe. All the countries are kept on high alert and there are new travel...

    Keywords: South Africa Omicron updates, South Africa Omicron breaking updates, South Africa Omicron risk, South Africa

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    night in, relationship, best rom coms to watch with your partner during the pandemic, Teenage

    Best Rom-coms to watch with your partner during the pandemic 2021-01-28 13:43:13

    The season for love is almost upon us. However, it might not be possible to do the outdoor activities you might have wanted to do because of the pandemic. But the pandemic has not stopped us from organising a cute...

    Keywords: relationship, night in, date ideas., Romance

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    Texas School Shooting news, Texas School Shooting culprit, texas school shooting 19 teens killed, Teenage

    Texas School Shooting: 19 Teens killed 2022-05-25 10:21:42

    A teenage gunman opened fire in a Texas school and the incident left 19 people killed and two adults. The incident took place in an elementary school in Texas and the incident created a sensation across the nation. The attack...

    Keywords: Texas School Shooting updates, Texas School Shooting updates, Texas School Shooting, Texas School Shooting accused killed

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    exploitation, entertainment, what is happening with britney spears find out here, Teenage

    What is Happening with Britney Spears?: Find out here 2021-02-15 10:36:43

    Ever since she was a teenager, Britney Spears has always been in an intense spotlight. After 15 years of fame, last week, a documentary aired throughout the United States that showed how the entertainment industry is framing Britney Spears for...

    Keywords: exposed, Britney Spears, exposed, Music industry

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    HBO, TV SHOWS, eight tv shows you have to watch in february, Teenage

    Eight TV Shows you have to watch in February 2021-02-01 12:17:27

    The year 2020 has been the year for TV shows. Since most people were working from home or were at home, viewers had more time to watch or catch up on their favourite shows. From new shows, to recurring seasons...

    Keywords: february, february, episodes, episodes

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