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  • potatoes, sprouts, 5 quick and tasty lunch salad recipes you can enjoy on a busy work day, Tomato

    5 Quick and tasty Lunch Salad Recipes you can enjoy on a busy work day 2020-08-14 14:10:29

    Nutritionist Kavita Devgan has shared some easy and delicious salad recipes to The Quint, the leading daily, which we thought will be useful for those who are working from home. Salads are a perfect blend of all things good. They...

    Keywords: salad, salad, tomatoes, sprouts

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    green vegetables, coffee, 5 foods that help you deal with inflammatory diseases, Tomato

    5 Foods that Help you Deal with Inflammatory Diseases 2020-09-26 09:57:00

    Inflammatory diseases include asthma, allergy, autoimmune disease, and others that basically cause inflammation inside the body. Inflammatory diseases cause inflammation in some or the other part of the body and proper diagnosis and treatment is required for treating them. Moreover,...

    Keywords: inflammatory diseases, asthma, green vegetables, coffee

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    mistakes to avoid while applying a face pack, home remedies, 4 mistakes to avoid while applying a homemade face pack, Tomato

    4 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying A Homemade Face Pack 2020-06-12 15:20:28

    When it comes to applying a good face pack, most of us get blinded by the fact that mixing two ingredients might turn out good or not suit our skin. At that moment, we are happy to derive results such...

    Keywords: safety, healthy skin, home remedies, home remedies

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    oscar, movies, disney movie soul and why everyone is praising it, Tomato

    Disney Movie Soul and why everyone is praising it 2021-02-08 13:43:39

    You might have heard of everyone talking about the 2020 Disney movie Soul. Why has it become so popular and why is it getting such positive reviews? What is it about this Pixar/ Disney produced movie that is making everyone...

    Keywords: disney, oscar, SOUL, oscar

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    bone density, diet, 7 steps for better bone health amid covid 19, Tomato

    7 Steps for Better Bone Health amid COVID-19 2020-08-26 14:25:35

    Staying indoors amid lockdown and the pandemic will curb the physical activity thereby damaging the bone health.The lockdown has had a drastic effect on our skeletal system. Staying indoors is leading to the deficiency in Vitam D which is an...

    Keywords: bone density, diet, bone health, cortisol

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    Pot pie Biryani taste, Pot pie Biryani preparation, recipe how to prepare a pot pie biryani, Tomato

    Recipe: How to prepare a Pot pie Biryani? 2022-03-16 13:01:20

    Holi is near and it's time to spend time with your partner or family and friends on the holiday. With some little preparation, you can make a lip-smacking pot pie biryani. Check out the process here: Ingredients: To prepare Rice:...

    Keywords: Pot pie Biryani taste, Pot pie Biryani news, Pot pie Biryani latest, Pot pie Biryani updates

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