‘I never run Behind Awards’-Says NeelakantaCelebrity Interviews

June 27, 2011 06:03
‘I never run Behind Awards’-Says Neelakanta

NeelakantaTo my fortune, I have met one such Personality, who knows what are films, despite achieving extreme recognition with National Award, he is so down to earth, after speaking to him for a while, I have learnt how choosy he is about which film to make. He is none other than, Award winning Director Neelakanta.  The pleasure is all mine in sharing my chat with him;

AW: So, How is everything going Sir?

Neelakanta: All fine. Working on my upcoming ‘Virodhi’, Starring Srikanth and Kamalini Mukherjee.

AW: after Mr. Medhavi, you did not direct any other film. Any reason as such?

Neelakanta: no reason in particular. Not many interesting projects have come up. After ‘Misamma’, there was no success for me. Let us talk the truth, no one would be interested in working with a director, whose films are not minimum guarantee success. And like any other Director, I cannot make any project, just to achieve commercial success. So, I had to wait all these years.

AW: Then how did ‘Virodhi’ happen?

Neelakanta: I wished to make a film, those talks about the burning issue in the society today. This led me towards writing a script. In this process I have met Hero Srikanth, narrated the script to him, and finally ‘Virodhi’, went on – location, Anil, brother of Srikanth, producing the film.

AW: Why only Srikanth? The film seems to be a Action flick by seeing the trailers and Srikanth is a family Hero turned Action Hero?

Neelakanta: at first, I would only look at the Story and choose all the characters as per the personalities of the story. As per ‘Virodhi’ film, Srikanth was the only person whom I can look upto, so I chose Srikanth, to act in the film. Same as in the case of Heroine of the film Kamalini Mukherjee and for that matter all the other characters.

AW: All your films have equal importance to your Heroines. What about in ‘Virodhi’?

Neelakanta: definitely. Even in ‘Virodhi’, the female lead role of the film, Kamalini Mukherjee has a very significant role to play. Disclosing anything more about the film as of now would be too earlier.

AW: Well, about other Technicians of the film?

Neelakanta: as far as Music is concerned, R.P. Ptnaik has given some extra ordinary scores that would best suite the film. I am also very happy to work with, Ram Chandra, who is a Award Winning Cinematographer, taking care of the Camera work of ‘Virodhi’. It is like; I am back in the industry with the bang, with ‘Virodhi’. I am looking forward to entertain the audience with ‘Virodhi’.

AW: What are your upcoming projects Sir?

Neelakanta: Well, nothing has been finalized yet. Let my film, ‘Virodhi’, to be released soon. The upcoming projects will come their way.

AW: Why Sir, Just like your first two films, ‘Show’ and ‘Missamma’, are you waiting to bag an award with ‘Virodhi’ also?

Neelakanta: I have never gone back of awards. I was only passionate about Movies and nothing else. If my film manages to entertain the audience, that is more than enough. Infact, that itself is a big award for me. I hope, people accept ‘Virodhi’.

With this I took a leave from the Director. I wish the Director could make a comeback with ‘Virodhi’, and sustain to make some more quality films.

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