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July 27, 2011 09:31
‘I have done mistakes in choosing the roles’

CharmiInterview‘I have done mistakes in choosing the roles’ – Charmi

‘30 years in Industry’, this is one of the well known line from a dialogue in the film, ‘Khadgam’. When we apply the same line in analyzing a Actor’s life time in Cinema, we have many successful Heroes, even today, after spending 30 years in this industry are still in demand. But, when it comes to Heroines, her life time in cinema is not more than 5 to 8 years. We have many Heroines, who once known as a ‘Top Heroine’ is now ready to play any character to appear in films.

On the other Hand, there are very few Heroines, even after a decade, still on a high. Charming Girl Chrami is one amongst them. What does Charmi feel after spending all these years in the Industry, what is her secret desire, what does she do when she becomes craze, about acting in B – Town films, item numbers, sizzling appearance and more, to know, read further;

AW: More than 10 years in Industry, how do you feel?

Charmi: Just feel like I am still a new comer. These 10 years went on so soon, that I did not realize I am 10 years old in this Industry. But happy, still film makers are approaching to cast me in their films.

AW: At a career perspective, how these 10 years have been?

Charmi: I was 14 years old, when I started off my career as a Model. T – Town Director Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao, saw my photos, approached me, auditioned me for a lead role and that’s how my first film as a Heroine, ‘Nee Thodu Kaavali’ happened. It was hard for me to bag a second film in T – Town. But, I was lucky enough to get some work, that too from Tamil Film industry. I have done couple of films there, and then the T – Town films came towards me. Rest of the story, is quite known to all. How Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ happened, how my glamour quotient was highlighted, and how offers poured in.

AW: What about doing different Jorner films like ‘Mantra’, ‘Mangala’?

Charmi: these films did not happen just like that. When I was popular as a glamour Heroine, film maker, Gunnam Gangaraju approached me to play a role of ‘Sahasra’ (character’s name), in ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’. After hearing the narration of the story, I was very much excited to do the film, but, in a dilemma, weather audience would accept me playing a ‘Girl Next Door’, role? But, after doing this film, after this film released, became a success, after I got recognition with Awards and appreciation, then I realized, every artist should experiment with their roles.

After ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’, film makers started approaching to me to make me act in many realistic films, Horror Jorner films and characters similar to that of ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’. I was striving to show variation in each film I do. That is how, ‘Mantra’ happened, that turned out to be a successful film again and after some years, ‘Mangala’.

AW: What do you have to say about ‘Item Numbers’ & not important roles that you have done?

Charmi: I have just done these to experiment. Yes, I do agree that I have made mistake in choosing certain films that projected me only as a glamour doll and nothing else. But, in 100 films of yours, there would be atleast 10 to 20 films that are a bad choice.

As far as Item numbers are concerned, I am okay with them, consider them getting more popularity for me. Even in B – Town, many Heroines turn out to be Item Girls too. I don’t find any harm in being an Item Girl, once in a while.

AW: You have bagged an excellent opportunity, acting with Amitabh in ‘Buddah Hoga Tera Baap’. How do you feel?

Charmi: I can’t express how did I felt, when Director Puri Jagannath has told me I would be playing a role with Amitabh. At first, I refused to believe this. Every day, each moment was memorable while shooting with Amitabhji in the film. Today, I am recognized for my role in the film, the film itself turned out to be a great success; I am also getting more offers from B – Town. I am happy that I have achieved all that recognition and still having work in hands. I am more than greatful to Director Puri Jagannath, who has given me an opportunity of life time, acting with Amitabh ji.

AW: coming to your personal life, what are you as a person?

Charmi: I am very naughty girl. My parents, till date, have a very tough time handling me when I am at home. I love cooking; being at home when I am not working, watch as many movies as I can.

When I go crazy, I will be behaving weird, playing pranks on people around me, shouting, jumping and with full of life,. I am sure, even at the shooting location, people would be thinking, ‘What she is doing’. But, this is how I am. I believe in living in today.

But, all thanks to everyone who has been responsible for my success today. Thanks for accepting me as a Heroine and thanks for believing in my work.

Well, my interaction with Charmi started off formally, but ended up knowing What she is as a person.

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