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September 13, 2011 10:22
‘I don’t plan things’  Nitya Menon

NityaMenonShe is an apt meaning for a heroine, becoming a star overnight. She is good looking, not with a perfect figure and a height, but with her performance in the debut film itself and the extra ordinary way of her to carry her personality, made her a most wanted name in T – Town. Though, simultaneously doing films in her mother tongue ‘Malayalam’, this Actress is not been seen these days in T –Town. Any particular reason? Let’s listen from Nitya Menon herself;

Never wanted to be an actress

I was never keen in getting into films. I was always passionate of being Journalism. I have also done a course in Journalism. But, I happened to meet Nandini Reddy, who insisted that I should try out acting. Initially, I was not up for the decision. But, later, I thought, why don’t I give it a try. If it works, well and good, otherwise there is always an option for me to get back to Journalism. So, that’s how ‘Ala Modalaindi’ happened and later, I have been getting offers from Malayalam film industry. I have done some rewarding films over there to name with ‘Urimi’, ‘Anwar’, that are familiar to the T –T own audience as well.

Language, not a barrier for me

Whether it is a Telugu or Tamil or Malayalam, unless and until I understand the language, able to emote the right expressions and to tell the dialogues, I am not keen in which language I am succeeding as a actress. I am only concerned about doing some good roles, like ‘Ala Modalaindi’, that make me remembered as an actress, even after certain time. Unless and until I am satisfied with the role, I just don’t agree doing a film, just to get some work and money. The day I am being asked to compromise on the role and asked to do some formula heroine role like in any commercial hero centric film, and then I prefer quitting the industry.

I have no clue why I am not doing work in T –Town

It is not that I have not got the offers. There have been n numbers of film makers, who have approached me to cast in their films, post the success of ‘Ala Modalaindi’. But, as I said you, I am looking at showing variation in every film I do. I do not want to restrict myself doing same old roles in 100 other films. But, I am happy doing different roles in each film; no matter I end up doing some handful films in my entire acting career. That is the reason, I am doing a film ‘Ishq’ in Telugu as of now.

About ‘Ishq’

As the name itself suggests, this film is a complete love – action entertainer. Apart from hero of the film Nitin, I have a very interesting role to play in the film, that is equal to that of the Hero of the film. The shooting of the film is almost completed and I am looking forward to the release of the film that will for sure entertain the audience.

I don’t repent doing ‘Sega’

Just because the film I have done, did not work well at the Box office, I don’t end up regretting about my decision. Even today I say ‘Sega’ is a very beautiful film that has been made by Anjana. But, yes, it has not been accepted by the audience. but, this is very common in the film industry. It is so natural that, many times the unexpected would happen. So did in the case of ‘Sega’. But, no regrets for me. Right from my first film, to ‘180’ to ‘Sega’, I have done a quality work and hope to do the same in near future too.

About speaking on Prabhas

Oh God! Hope you people still do not forget the incident. It just a accident and nothing more. As I am new to the industry and I do not remember the names of all the heroes I was not able to recollect the same and ended up asking ‘Who is Prabhad’, when media asked me if I would act with him. Now, what is so wrong in this to be made a issue out of the same? Now, I and Prabhas know each other very well and Prabhas also does not seem to be having any issues of what I have said. Mistakes are bound to happen. Please do not exaggerate them and make an issue out of every small statement made.

Am I seeing ‘Nani’?

Now, this is another rumor. Just because I and Nani move close with each other and just because we have done two films together that does not mean that I am seeing him. He is a very good friend of mine and most important we are of more or less same age group and at the same stage of our careers so we jell along well. And moreover, if I am seeing anyone, I feel there is no necessity to hide the same. As of now, I am single.

I don’t plan

I don’t plan my future and hence, I can’t tell you what are my future plans. I go as and when the life takes me. Yes, I do work on doing good films and nothing more. I believe in living the moment and in a perfect way. That’s it!

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