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January 25, 2012 06:39
‘I worked very hard for ‘Body Guard’ – Gopi Chand Malineni

After making a safe and successful debut as a director with ‘Don Seenu’ it has taken more than a year for Gopi Chand Malineni to come with his next release. ‘Body Guard’ that released this festival, amongst a lot more expectations and speculations managed to earn good reviews. Andhrawishesh team captures the experiences told by this director about his journey during the making of ‘Body Guard’;

About the success of ‘Body Guard

This is an apt film at the right time and for all those fans that have been waiting for their favorite hero Venkatesh’s film to release and attain ‘Victory’ once again. It has been quite a sometime; Venkateshgaru has played a perfect role that has got all the jorners of comedy, emotion, love and sentiment to be portrayed. Once again, ‘Body Guard’ has proved to be a right film for Venky that has supported his worth as a complete Actor. it is not today, but right from the first day of the shooting of the film we all were very confident that ‘Body Guard’ would be a definite success. And despite of this film have faced and released amongst the huge competition, it has proved its worth. I really very happy to attain consecutive success with ‘Body Guard’ after making a successful directorial debut with Ravi Teja’s ‘Don Seenu’.

About the changes made in the Script

Body Guard’ is one such film that was re made in almost every language and recently released in Hindi as well. so, almost all the audience who come to watch the film in Telugu would know the story and are also familiar with the screenplay of the film. Now, my challenge as the director of this film is how to project the film at least somewhat different from the earlier releases and how to connect the character of ‘Body Guard’ similar to that of Venkatesh’s Body language. Keeping the same in mind, we have made certain changes in the college sequences, Hero introduction sequences and also in the action sequences. We have treated the entire film in a very stylish way. Even the characterization of heroine Trisha has been altered to that of certain extent. Our major aim was to project the movie as per the audience taste and to make the audience feel interesting and excited watching the film, though they are familiar with the story of the film. I suppose we have succeeded in the same.

From ‘Don Seenu’ to ‘Body Guard

Gopi-Chand-Malineni2Well, the journey has been with lot of challenges. As a director, ‘Don Seenu’ was a perfect and safe debut for me. I have proved I can make the audience laugh, with my way of projecting comedy and entertainment with my first film. But with ‘Body Guard’ I have proved I can make people cry and get emotional with my way of storytelling. I am happy when someone recognizes me today as an all-round director. And for me to achieve this name and fame only being two films old is also a very warm feeling.

Of course, now the responsibility on me to make each and every project I take up a success and to reach to all jorner of audience is a never ending challenge. Hope I would keep up to the expectations and would satisfy the audience as well as the producers who trust me.

Experiences during the making of ‘Body Guard

I can only say it is a journey and not just a experience. Unlike my previous film, the story and the initial treatment of the this film is known to the audience and all is set. Only changes I can make a as director of this is film is how to make it appear different from the original version. I have concentrated on the treatment of each and every sequence, the acting skills of each and every artist including the main star cast and of course, the music director of the film Thaman has helped a lot in giving the best of Music and the back ground score of the film. All these put together and not to forget the confidence of my producer Bellamkonda Suresh on me, managed to help ‘Body Guard’ to stand out as a successful film today.

I can also say, it is not a easy task for any director to take a story that is famous and known to many and project the film as ‘new’ to the audience. but with the entire support of the team and also working in a healthy atmosphere, I was able to manage to attain the much awaited success with ‘Body Guard’.

Much more about Thaman’s Music

He is a most wonderful Music director I have worked with. He used to be careful in composing each and every tune and used to be so particular that it ahs to not dominate the situation or the flow of the film. whatever tunes he have given and the back ground music he has scored added to the major extent for the film. today, audience recognize ‘Body Guard’ not only as a good film but also as a superb musical hit and all these have not been possible without the support of Thaman.

Once again my sincere thanks to all those who are associated with Body Guard

Hope to receive some more good directorial from Gopi Chand Malineni!

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