‘Snehithudu’ a dream come true for me – Actor Sri RamCelebrity Interviews

February 01, 2012 06:42
‘Snehithudu’ a dream come true for me – Actor Sri Ram


Though being a Telugu speaking Actor, Sri Ram is more poplar in K – Town… now; he has again come in front of Telugu audience with Shankar’s directorial ‘Snehithudu’ after his appearance in ‘Dhada’… Andhrawishesh team has captured all those experiences of this Actor talking about ‘Snehithudu’ and director Shankar;

Aboutthe journey from ‘3 Idiots’ to ‘Snehitudu

‘3 Idiots’ is definitely a film, after watching the same any audience, irrespective of the age group and the gender could relate to it. So did I while watching this film in the theater. After watching the film, the makers of Gemini Film Circuit who are almost like a family to me as I have done a film in their banner, called me up and asked about the film. I let our all my excitement after watching the film. Then I have come to know, it is none other than this banner who are planning to remake this film.

For me, the story of ‘3 Idiots’ itself a major asset that could be a success in whatever language it is remade and no matter if even the audience are familiar with the story of the film. My only concern was what would be the star cast and who would be the director, who can run the show…

When I was thinking about the same, I got a call from Gemini Film Circuit’s office asking me to come and meet them once. I was shocked to see Director Shankar is the office and then came to know he is the one who is remaking this film and even I have a major role to play in the film that runs the story…

More or less, the journey from me watching ‘3 Idiots’ to being a part of ‘Snehitudu’ is a dream come true. It is an Honour for me to be a part of my favorite film, under the direction of my favorite director.

Difference between ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Snehithudu’

Not much, but lot more… well, when I have been finalized to play one among the three leads in the film, the other two being Vijay and Jeeva, I have happened to ask Shankar Sir, if we are amending the story or the screenplay of the film. He only said, ‘Nothing would be changed. The original essence of the film is outstanding and the soul of the film should not be damaged in the process of remake. It is only that you all should get involved in the roles you are playing, completely’ and we have done the same.

But yes, there is a lot more color and life added to ‘Snehithudu’. You can see the college background, the characters being so colorful and the songs itself would appear as if they are a film individually to you. This is the difference from the original version to our film.

This particular song ‘Al is well’ has been shot for 14 days, that is, each day we used to shoot one or two shots, this is the hard work we did put on for the film and today, despite of being a remake film and a known story, ‘Snehithudu’ has been accepted by all jorner audience and even in Tamil, as ‘Namban’.

About the role

SriRam2As you all know, I play the role played by Madhavan in the original version. I somehow have thought I would be given the same role even before I was told that I was finalized for this role. The reason could be already Vijay being finalized for the role played by Amir Khan and Jeeva for Sharman Joshi… but I always wanted to play the role of Madhavan in the film. I am happy my will has come true.

Unlike in the original version, where the difference in the appearance of the characters is not shown to a major extent in the flash back and in the existing story of the film, we have tried to project the lot of variation in the body language, physical appearance and even in the voice. This can be experienced while watching the film.

Finally, about the Music of the film

Harris Jayraj managed to project the difference with his music for the film. Be it all the other songs and even the track ‘All is well’, we have not taken any tune of any song from the original version. In fact, to make it more local, at the beginning of ‘All is well’ song, you can listen to a kind of sound that is made so naturally, by particular localities, who were got trained for that sound itself.

And all the rest of the songs, the way they are tuned and shot in a very rich and colorful locations with best technology is actually showing today, when people are enjoying  watching the songs. Totally, ‘Snehithudu’ is Director Shankar’s film with a complete team effort…

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