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February 11, 2012 05:46
‘Body Guard’ a Paisa Vasool – Venkatesh and Kona Venkat


After a break from his set of action flicks, Venkatesh has entertained the audience with ‘Body Guard’ released this Sankranti. The film, despite released among huge competition, is declared a success and Venkatesh, writer of the film, Kona Venkat share their expressions about the success with andhrawishesh;

About the success of ‘Body Guard

It is not that I am just saying all these only because the film is a success, but the fact is, this success was expected. The reason being the story is known to the Public and the film being a success in rest all other languages, it has been remade and released. So, there were definite chances for us to anticipate the film would be accepted by the audience. of course, keeping the jorner of audience in mind, we have made certain changes to the script and taking of the film and released it, and today, we are seeing audience are more than happy, received the film. Finally, our team work has paid off.

About the comment ‘Body Guard’ is a complete entertainer

As I have said, this comment was expected. The story itself is such that all the emotions, action, comedy and those elements that are loved by the audience to watch are included as such. And top of this, there is an action entertainer that has come out from me after a break of more than two years that is after ‘Tulasi’. So, the audience has seen me doing some action sequences in ‘Body Guard’ after a long time and loved the same. Of course, even the stunt masters Ram – Laxman, have done their best in order to make the action sequences look more stylish and new.

It is like we have taken the story base from the original version, but amended the same according to the thought process of the Telugu audience.

About Thaman’s music scores

Apart from the film and the story, as you all know, even the music of the film has been declared a super hit. And the credit goes to Thaman for scoring some amazing numbers and even keeping up those emotions even while scoring the RR of the film. To mention, Thaman has worked very hard, put all his zeal in scoring the music of the film. Almost all the songs are very catchy and liked by large set of audience. By scoring a perfect music for the perfect situation, Thaman has become a major asset for the success of the film.

Writer of the film, Kona Venkat’s take

Venkatesh Sir was always very positive on the story and the success of the film. He always used to say, ‘it is very safe on our part to choose such a subject and go ahead with the remake of the film. but, we need to stand out to make certain necessary changes in the script and make the film more crisp, reducing any lags in the subject that are not needed. We need to go for a proper remake of the film that will be accepted by the audience’. The entire team of ‘Body Guard’ worked on the same principle. And likely based upon our prediction, the movie released and declared a success. We have made a lot of changes in the taking, song sequences, Venky’s personality as ‘Body Guard’ in the film, characterizations of the other roles and certain alterations even in the climax of the film. I am happy to work with Venkatesh Sir, who strives for the film to be a success and accepted by the audience. And more over, Venky’s dedication towards his work is worth mentioning. He always used to get updated on the shooting of the other versions in other languages of this film and used to analyze how best can this film appear in Telugu.

About Venky appearing in a ‘Female get up’ in the film

Well, this is no doubt, Venky’s initiative. He always wanted to do something and entertain the audience with his acting skills. And as we all are aware, Venky is known for entertaining the audience with his amazing comedy. In this film, Venky has teamed up with Ali and donned a Female get up, in one of the sequences. Today we see kids and all jorner of audience enjoying this act of Venky. Good to see Venky does not bind him in any ‘image’, but strive to entertain the audience.

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