10 Effective Ways to Save Money to Travel the WorldFinance Tips

August 09, 2019 11:39
10 Effective Ways to Save Money to Travel the World

A lot of millennials are dreaming of traveling world but it remains pie in the sky because of lack of budget planning. As soon as salary gets credited, the crave to put money on midget things gets incessant, thus making your travel dream a never happening one.

Carry through your dreams (also your travel dream) as soon as possible because you never know what happens in the near future.  

Here’s how you can save your money to for your dream trip:

1. Remind Yourself of Your Dream Everyday

Before you start planning to save money for your trip, first make sure that you are committed to it. Before going to sleep in the night or early in the morning as soon as you wake up, remind yourself every day about the dream. Put a picture on your wall, or a map with pins to mark your dream around the world trip route.

2. Evaluate Your Expenditures

Make a list of your daily or monthly expenditures. Doing this will make you realize things needed and unneeded.

3. Kick-off Travel Fund

Get underway with a new bank account and feed it on a monthly, weekly or daily basis for your travel purpose. In the end, if you come across your substantial account balance you will surely be on cloud nine.

4. Spend Less on Food

Spending on few things is indispensable but spending a lot on buying food items can be avoided. Those savings will add up for your travel account. When you are going out on a small journey or to the workplace, avoid getting food from outside and instead pack a lunch if you’re able.

The eating places outside add up all the taxes to your bill that put more hitches in your saving plan. Learning how to cook for yourself can be indeed beneficial.

5. Use Public Transport

If you are staying abroad, the usage of private vehicles can cost you excess compared to travel expenses for public transport. If you were till now opting a bike or car to reach a shop nearby, from now try to reach the nearby place by walk because every little bit helps.

6. Cut Down Your Utility Bills

Open the windows for cooling instead of using the air conditioner. Shorten your showers. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

7. Give up Smoking

Calling it a day without smoking not only save your money but also save your life. There’s a good deal of guidance you can seek in case you are unable to break it off.

8. Give up Luxury Deeds

Luxury deeds such as spa can cost you more than you actually thought. Skip a month without spa and self-care activities to save more.

9. Don’t Be a Party Animal

Going to clubs or pubs or bars can swiftly make your balance in your bank account diminish. Always keep your travel goals in mind and ask for your friends over for drinks.

10. Stay Away from Financially Reckless People   

Being with people who are party animals and who buy expensive electronics, costly cocktails, and new boots will ruin all your hard-won motivation. So just don’t.

By Sowmya Sangam

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