Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    K. Chakravarthy Reddy
  • Cast:
    Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada
  • Banner:
    Sri Sathya Sai Arts
  • Producer:
    K. K. Radhamohan
  • Music:
    Gopi Sundar
  • Release Dt :
    Jul, 05 2018


Gopichand (Vikranth) is a youngster who plans a series of robberies and he targets politicians and corrupted ministers. After a robbery in the residence of Home Minister Nayak (Sampath Raj), an inquiry will be ordered and Nayak comes to know that Vikranth is behind the series of robberies. The rest of Pantham is all about the relation between Vikranth and Nayak, the real life story of Vikranth and what happens next. Watch Pantham to know about the complete story.


Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

The first half of Pantham has been simple and is based mostly on robberies and entertainment. The interval twists make the film interesting but the songs fail to impress the audience. The action episodes look stunning and Gopichand performs to his best as Vikranth in the film. On the whole, the first half of Pantham is a commercial package and is laced with action and entertainment.

After the major plot gets unfolded, the second half of Pantham turns a boring feast and looks completely predictable. The songs once again fail to make much impact and the pre-climax episodes have been shot well. The climax of Pantham delivers a strong social message and ends up on an impressive note. Gopichand excels in this action drama thoroughly.


Gopichand who proved his mettle steps out with one more interesting action thriller. He draws attention with his packed performance and mighty screen presence. He has been top notch during the action episodes. Mehreen is a treat to watch but she has been restricted. Even the love story lacks interesting narration. Prudhvi and Sreenivas Reddy managed to keep the audience entertaining. Sampath Raj has an interesting role assigned and he delivered out his best. All the other actors have been decent.

The story of Pantham has been predictable and is tipped with a strong social message. The screenplay and dialogues have been normal. The songs and background score will leave the audience in huge disappointment. The cinematography is an asset and the production values have been grand. K Chakravarthy falls short of the expectations in this action thriller.

Final Word

Pantham lacks gripping narration and interesting plot which makes the film fall short of expectations. Gopichand delivers out his best performance till date.

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  • Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Pantham Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew