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July 20, 2013 08:38
I don’t categories movies as direct or dubbed: ShashankVennelakanti


He is introduced to film industry as a son of famous lyric writer Vennelakanti… but, it did not take much of a time for him to establish himself as a dialogue writer, with the films like ‘Adurs’, ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’, ‘Na Peru Shiva’, ‘Shambo Shiva Shambo’ and the list is on and on. Andhrawishesh team met successful dialogue writer ShashankVennelakanti, who spoke about his career, challenges he faced and also about his tomorrow’s release, Dubbed flick ‘MalliGadu’…

About his Journey, all these years…

I always used to be passionate about writing… right from my childhood, I used to write dialogues catering to various emotions. It is after my Graduation, I have decided to take up dialogue writing as a career. As you all know, being a Son of a well-known lyric writer, it was not so difficult for me to get that first chance to write dialogues for film. But, from then, till date, I worked very hard to reach whatever I am today and still have a lot to do.

Someone rightly said, all the references are perfect for you to get some work initially. If you wish to sustain in the field, then it would be depending upon your hard work and how you take each and every opportunity that comes your way…

About being a writer to dubbing films at a major extent

Well, many ask me about this. Still, n number of people are in a opinion that dubbed flicks are comparatively less in all means when compared to straight films. I need not answer this… the success rate of dubbed flicks last year that is equal to that of straight films itself talks about how important dubbed films have become for our Telugu cinema. I have no differentiation about films and neither caters them into dubbing or straight films. For that matter, we work more hard for dubbed flicks. We need to understand the dialogues in the original language, write the same in the dubbed language and see that the original meaning and the essence of dialogues are not lost, and most tough task is, making all those dubbing artists to let the dubbing… in fact, it is more or less a multi-tasking…

How far reading helps dialogue writing?

Well, to a major extent in fact. Where do dialogues come from? From what you see, experience, notice and add some spice to it. In this way, my habit of reading books of various genres has helped me to a major extent. Though my writing skills are a bit restricted in dubbed flicks, as I accept the scope of experimenting with the dialogues is comparatively less. In the direct films like ‘Shambo Shiva Shambo’ and ‘Adurs’, I have enjoyed writing for these flicks, to the core. I am looking forward to write more and more direct as well as dubbed films.

About ‘MalliGaadu’

Vennelakanti-ShankarMy association with the production house of this film is from many years. I have been writing to almost all the dubbed flicks Studio Green has been producing. But, writing for ‘MalliGaadu’ is definitely a different and challenging experience. The dialogues of every character in the film have a peculiar slang. We adapted Nellore slang in the dialogues in the dubbed version. And thanks to all those dubbing artists who have been tremendously supportive and quick enough to understand and let out the dialogues.

The challenge I thought would be when Hero Karti was supposed to dub for his role. Since Karti is yet not well versed with Telugu and top of this for this film, he has to dub in a Nellore slang, we have allotted 10 days for his dubbing. For the shock of my life, I see the dubbing finishing off in 3 days. I have just explained the slang of one or two dialogues to him and rest he picked up within no time.

This is a debut film for Karti in Tamil and there the film runned successfully for entire one year. Karti’s look, characterization, Direction, story and screen play, Priyamani’s outstanding performance, everything is a worth watching in this flick. It feels taking a Journey, watching this film.

I have to mention another point here. In the Telugu version, we made Anchor Jhansi to dub for Priyamani… you need to watch the film to enjoy this outstanding experience… I am confident, like all the previous films of karti, even ‘MalliGadu’ would stand out to be a super success.

What he enjoys writing the most

It is not only about me, but many writers enjoy writing more comedy and emotional sequences. Here, in these two genre, we can experiment and play with the words. However, we can make and even break the essence of the scene with our dialogues though (laughs).

About his future projects

Well, I am writing for karti’s another bi – lingual flick ‘Sakuni’, Surya’s untitled film in Tamil and even Naga Chaitanya’s forth coming Telugu flick… this year would be full of work for me…

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