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July 10, 2021 07:45
Covid vaccine has no magnetic superpowers says Experts

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The coronavirus pandemic saw light in December 2020 and the people made up their minds that the coronavirus is here to stay for a longer time. Lakhs of people died and crores of people turned health-conscious after the arrival of coronavirus. There are thousands of queries related to health and some of the answers are related to science. There are a lot of speculations that the coronavirus vaccine makes a person magnetic and there are several viral videos on this. Several health experts revealed that these videos are made by individuals for attention and there no such predictions or chances. They say that the vaccine does not contain any ingredients that can produce electromagnetic field in the human body. The coronavirus vaccines are free from metals or microelectronics. The health experts remind the world that the vaccine dose is hardly 0.5 ml.

There are also rumors that the vaccine would have an impact on the fertility and the experts say that the vaccination does not cause any infertility in males or females. All the available vaccines are first tested on animals and then on humans. They are authorized after they are found safe and effective. They say that there is no evidence that the coronavirus vaccine impacts the fertility. The safety of the vaccines are assessed in stages during the clinical trials after which the licenses are approved. The experts also said there are few minor and non-serious impacts. The efficacy of most of the approved vaccines is 75 percent or more.

The major role of vaccination is to activate the immune system and protect it from infections and coronavirus. Hence some of them have fever and dullness after taking the vaccination shot. The risk of death due to vaccination shots is negligible and there is nothing to worry told experts. They also say that the vaccine does not contain any microchip to track the population as speculated and it also will not alter the DNA or the genetic code of humans. It takes 2-3 weeks after the vaccination shot to build immunity. We have to focus on the vaccination and breaking the chain to complete the coronavirus pandemic.

By Siva Kumar

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