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January 29, 2022 12:32
Covid-19 Can Remain Active in People for 7 months

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A recent research revealed that the coronavirus can stay in the human bodies up to 7 months or 232 days. The researchers of France's Pasteur Institute, the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in Brazil conducted a detailed study on 38 patients from Brazil. The researchers kept a keen watch on the patients who are tested negative through RT-PCR tests for two or three times. Two men and women are in typical state and the virus continued to stay in them for more than 70 days. The findings are published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine. Based on this study, it has been concluded that 8 percent of the people who are infected with coronavirus will be able to transmit the coronavirus for more than two months.

These people may not have any symptoms during the final stages of infection. A 38-year-old man had mild symptoms for 20 days but the coronavirus was detected in his organism for 232 days. The researchers told that if this person was not under the medical care and was out without mask, the virus would have spread for seven months. The study concluded that the patients can remain positive from 71 to 232 days. In the past, the researchers at the University of Sao Paulo's Institute of Tropical Medicine (IMT-USP) in Brazil conducted a study on 29 patients. The study concluded that the virus will last for 218 days in some of the patients. The 40-year-old patient underwent cancer treatment before he got tested positive for coronavirus.

By Siva Kumar

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