Remembering the father of the American Animation Industry- Walt DisneyWishesh Special

December 08, 2020 13:52
Remembering the father of the American Animation Industry- Walt Disney

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Disney has had the biggest impact on all generations previous and coming by giving us the best animated movies and series in history. Children across the world have grown up watching Disney movies and the animated movies are liked by both children and adults alike. Here are some interesting facts about Walt Disney which you may or may not know:

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago , USA. He is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and the film producer for several developments of the popular “Grim brothers” cartoons.

As a child, Disney was heavily involved in theatre and drama.He played the role of peter pan during a school performance. He also produced the animated hit film “Peter pan” in 1953.

Walt Disney was a school dropout. He spent most of his time working at the Red Cross Ambulance.

Walt Disney is the creator of Mickey Mouse and also voiced the character from 1928 to 1947.

Walt Disney had a secret house in Disneyland which still exists till today. He would use the house to spend his free time and get creative. The house still remains till today untouched.

Walt Disney was a big hater of the sport golf. He could not stand the sport.

Walt Disney was rich growing up. When he opened the production house Walt Disney, he gave his housekeeper who was one of his favourite people, stock in the company.

Mickey Mouse’s original name was Mortimer Mouse. However, Disney’s wife did not like the name and hence, Walt changed it to Mickey.

Walt Disney holds the record for the most Academy Awards earned by an individual, being the winner of an astounding 22 Oscar Awards, two Golden Globe Special Achievement awards and an Emmy Award.

Walt Disney’s favourite Disney character was Goofy.

Walt Disney passed away at the age of 65 due to lung cancer but lives on with the legacy of his movies and the two iconic destinations, Disney Land and Disney World.

By Meena Atmakuri

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